Why South America is hot (and it’s not just the Olympics)

No one can disagree that the backdrop for the 2016 Olympics in Rio is one of the most, if not, the most stunning in the history of this media-saturated sporting spectacular. The weather, on the whole, has lit up the golden beaches, emerald forested mountain outcrops and the shiny Rio skyscrapers.

This media attention will hopefully mean South America is back in business following the cautiousness surrounding Zika and the political wrangling in Brazil. The majority of South America is very peaceful and stable and offers a very viable option for those looking to travel imminently, and here’s why…

Men playing football on Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janiero

Chile and Argentina currently feel more European and organised than Europe! British Airways began direct services this year to Peru’s capital Lima, the gateway to Machu Picchu and the Inca Empire. There are experiential journeys for all, especially active families to keep their tweens and teens enthused and excited beyond the history class, with downhill mountain biking, white water rafting and supping (stand-up paddle-boarding) on one of the highest lakes on the planet.  Costa Rica too has benefitted from the first direct flights from the UK. The Central American favourite continues to offer a very accessible rainforest experience, staying in award-winning luxury, yet rustic, hidden lodges in your own intimate casita. Costa Rica is completely another world, with its pristine tumbling rivers and wildlife dawn chorus, now so easily reached with direct flights from the UK.

If all of this wasn’t reason enough to book now, there’s also an additional third direct flight to the continent, to Santiago in Chile, commencing in January 2017. The crazy geography of the long thin country ensures a visit to Chile is very much a journey, but that’s the appeal. Heading south, Patagonia has maintained its mystery, due to its inaccessibility and as the last stop before Antarctica. Recent years have seen the introduction of a far more comfortable bed at the end of the continent, at Tierra Patagonia where one can watch the wild weather from the calmness of a warm indoor pool, with floor to ceiling windows and views to the mesmerising Towers and Horns of the Paine Massif.

For something more rugged as befits the surroundings, then one of the villas at Awasi Patagonia (pictured below) will instill the excitement of feeling alone in the wild elements. The villas, each with their own fireplace, are well spaced throughout the rugged landscape, but be warned, in true Patagonian fashion this may entail a short walk to the main lodge in blustery winds!

So these are just snippets of what can be found far more easily due to the welcome return and introduction of direct flights, and there is always somewhere in South America that can be visited all year round….

  • November to March – optimum time for Argentine and Chilean Patagonia (direct BA service to both Buenos Aires and Santiago)
  • April to October – perfect for Peru (direct BA service to Lima)
  • November to July – cool for Costa Rica (direct service to San José)
  • All year round – There isn’t a a bad time for Brazil (direct flights to both Rio and Sao Paulo)

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