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Ten years ago Shyama regularly shared her passion for cooking with her friends by hosting popular dinner parties. One evening a guest, who happened to work in the travel industry, convinced her that she really ought to run her own business giving cookery demonstrations for the many visitors to Pondicherry in South-east India. What started as a dinner party conversation led to a profession welcoming guests and presenting the region’s rich gastronomy. Here she shares an insight into her profession and explains how she sees opportunities for women in modern India developing.

Over the last fifteen years National Guide Yan Naing Htun has witnessed the cultural and political changes that Myanmar has undergone. As a well-read, intelligent local he describes how the nation has begun to open up to the outside world, despite facing challenges along the way. Having met Yan, his passion for attracting more travellers to Myanmar is obvious, but he stresses the importance of a sensitive approach to the country’s culture and religion to get the most from your holiday in Myanmar.

Oman for Families

The beaches of the Mediterranean are a sure fire hit for families with young children. However, where to go for a little more adventure, where fine weather is guaranteed? Ed Granville takes his family on an Oman holiday.

Rivers in the Desert – Oman

When Red Savannah’s expert on Oman holidays, Ed Granville, recently visited the country, he scratched the surface of the desert to uncover ancient rivers, lost cities and discovered that the desert, in fact, experiences a monsoon season.

Oman Holidays – New Walking and Cycling Opportunities

Oman is a terrific destination for those seeking a little adventure and activity during their holiday. A new walking and biking operation in Oman’s northern Al Hajjar Mountains has now opened up offering some tremendous opportunities to explore this wadi-riven and dramatically mountainous part of the Sultanate.

If camping to you conjures up images of muddy wellies and sheltering under leaky canvas in a field somewhere in the Brecon Beacons, think again. Luxury camping is on the rise, taking guests to some of the most stunning landscapes, leaving barely a footprint. Creature comforts abound: high thread count linens on four poster beds, fluffy pillows and towels, hot showers, fine dining and even libraries and cocktail bars, all with the backdrop of somewhere incredibly beautiful.

Desert and Mountain Holidays in Oman

When Ed Granville visited the Sultanate of Oman recently, he was charmed by the warmth and welcoming nature of the Omanis and by the exotic and culturally rich cities, but it was the vast deserts, with their endless rolling dunes, and the spectacular ravine-riven mountains which most impressed him.

Palace Hotels of India

India is a rich and contrasting melting pot where authentic simplicity walks hand in hand with opulent grandeur and this fascinating country’s long and distinguished royal and colonial heritage have indelibly left their mark on India’s soul. Travel back to a time of independently-ruled kingdoms and the British Raj and experience this formidable ancestry with a stay in one of India’s magnificent palace hotels.