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The Mahale Mountains – In Search of Chimpanzees in Tanzania

Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains are situated in the far west of the country, dramatically rolling down to the sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika, the second largest lake in the world, 626kms long, 1,000m deep and containing 17% of the world’s freshwater.

In the Eye of Cleopatra’s Needle – 48hrs in Cairo

There is still an indefinable magic about Cairo. Quite possibly because of its 5,000 year old history or maybe because it’s a city that literally never sleeps. It is also a place of which no one seems to know the population size – some say 18 million whilst others solemnly assure you that is 25 million. Perhaps it makes no difference – the streets have always been clogged and donkeys still vie with Mercedes’ weaving between smelly old buses belching out diesel fumes. This is a place where one can literally feel the heart of the city pulsating through your body with the ever present call to prayer, interspersed with the pointless beep-beeping of drivers irritated by their fellow countrymen’s irresponsible driving.

Sapphire Panning, Ranches & Wildlife in Montana

Certain high-adrenalin sports are meant to be addictive, but surely nothing is as addictive as sapphire panning. Certainly high adrenalin plays no part, but once you have found that first sapphire amongst the thousands of pieces of gravel, dust and stone, there’s no going back. You will be hooked forever with an addiction that no amount of psychiatry or counselling will cure!

The Arctic – An Extraordinary Adventure in Swedish Lapland

I am never quite sure why the Germans take all the credit for efficiency. The unsung heroes in possession of that quality are surely the Swedes who, by the way, win the award for generosity as well. This is a country that works like clockwork, where trains, planes and automobiles pride themselves on early arrival. Add to that the omnipresent smorgasbord of generosity (not just in private houses but even at the airport where free wifi and complimentary newspapers seem to be de rigeur) and it soon becomes clear that travelling in Sweden is a joy.

2015 Travel Trends

Our CEO, George Morgan-Grenville, shares his predictions for 2015 travel trends including hot destinations on the rise. Pure adventure is high on the agenda, as is going off-the-beaten-track and the opportunity to let your hair down.

In the Shadow of Sumbawa – Indonesia

Tucked away in a beautiful cove on Moyo Island, Indonesia, is the utterly heavenly Amanwana. Moyo is an almost deserted island of great beauty that sits directly across the Flores Sea to the east of Lombok, sandwiched neatly between the mighty jaws of Sumbawa.

The Silhouette of Borobudur and Beyond

Thought to have been built at some point in the late 8th Century, Borobudur’s rediscovery in 1814 by Sir Stamford Raffles caused a sensation among the world’s scholars. Bear in mind that this pre-dated Henri Mouhot’s discovery of Angkor Wat in Cambodia by 47 years. The big question: How did the Buddhist faith spread to Java from India, a distance of some 5,000 kilometres?

Top Ten Holidays with Teenagers

They say you have only 16 summers with your children before they depart on their own adventures. True to an extent but we find them quite keen to stick with the ‘rents’ when they sniff that there’s something exciting in the offing. So get ahead…plan something fun which will appeal to their much hipper nature, but more importantly, something that everyone will regard as huge fun. Our destination specialists are adept at suggesting places to fulfil even the most jaded families, from wilderness adventures in the Canadian West and fly-boarding in the Maldives to cool beach club hang-outs in Ibiza.

Half Term Family Holidays

With children back at school it might be time to start thinking about your next adventure together as a family. The October half term can be a lovely time to travel – the summer heat gives way to gentler climes and shoulder season rates make travel all the more affordable.

Whether you are seeking some active adventure to let off steam or somewhere to relax after a hectic first term, see below for a few suggestions or call our experienced team of travel specialists on 01242 787800 for a tailor-made itinerary to suit your family’s holiday wishes.

An Arctic Adventure

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected

–          Swedish proverb

Sitting at latitude of 78˚15N the island of Spitsbergen (part of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway) is approximately 2,500 miles from London and 3,500 from New York. It is a magnificent, pristine arctic desert of unimaginable beauty. In fact, it is so far north that from November to February it is shrouded entirely in darkness and from May, only in light. Put simplistically, this is the ultimate base from which to discover raw beauty, an extraordinary and fascinating history, wildlife, adrenaline….and perhaps even yourself. Red Savannah’s CEO, George Morgan-Grenville, explores.