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Maldives – The Four Seasons at Kuda Huraa

Paradise islands fringed with white sand and coral-rich, crystal clear waters, fabulous spas and beautifully designed accommodation are all a given in the Maldives.  The key is finding the hidden gems that are a perfect match for your own requirements.  For those in search of a small resort, nestled amidst tropical gardens, with a village feel as well as surfing lessons and turtle hatching programmes, then look no further than Four Seasons Kuda Huraa.

Rhino Conservation Holidays in Africa

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, since the demand from Chinese medicine for lucrative rhino horn skyrocketed in the 1970s, the world’s rhino population has fallen by more than 90%. Today, only five species remain – all endangered – out of a former 30 which once roamed the planet, with only the white rhinoceros and even rarer black rhinoceros still in existence in Africa.

The Lavender of Provence

Many of our Provence villas enjoy the arresting sight and scent of lavender in full bloom. As synonymous with the region as sunshine or Côtes-du-Rhône, the aromatic crop’s fiery rows run in perpetuity onto the horizon. Swathed in the intoxicating scent that swirls in the air, farm workers toil under a relentless sun, nurturing and tending their perfumed harvest, pausing in the shade from their back-breaking work for hunks of cantal and pain rustique, washed down with flagons of rosé to quench their labouring thirst.

A Guide to Teenage Family Holidays

When children are young, holidays are reasonably straightforward – a bucket, spade, lovely beach or pool and most children are happy. Teenagers are an entirely different kettle of fish. After all, it’s just so uncool to be seen with the ‘rents’. But throw in the thought that you may only have a couple more summers before they flee the nest, and suddenly it’s worth making the right choice. Red Savannah understands the teen issue. So here are our top suggestions:

Dr David Livingstone 〜 The Bicentenary

2013 – 19 March 2013 to be precise – marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Dr David Livingstone, the medical missionary-explorer whose fascination with the African continent and devotion to the anti-slavery message earned him the title of “Africa’s first freedom fighter”. Travelling over 46,000km – predominantly on foot – during Livingstone’s 30-year period in Central and Southern Africa, it would be no understatement to suggest that this bewitching and fascinating continent left an indelible mark on this remarkable man’s soul.

Himalayas – A Walking Holiday in Ladakh

As the aircraft descends into the high altitude military airport at Leh, one’s first glimpse of the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Situated in the far north of India on an 11,500ft  high plateau, Ladakh is often referred to as ‘Little Tibet’ due to its geographical and cultural proximity to Tibet. However, unlike its neighbour it has remained immune from the destructive antics of the Chinese and the Kashmir territorial conflict. Today, Ladakh maintains one of the most intact Tantric Buddhist societies left on earth. Red Savannah CEO, George Morgan-Grenville, explores this awe-inspiring kingdom.

A Taste of Sicily

The ancient hilltop town of Taormina commands unimaginably impressive views over the Ionian Sea, and no more so than from the terrace of the Grand Hotel Timeo where the vista stretches across to brooding Mt. Etna. Here a sense of tranquillity pervades each day until the early evening when ‘promenading’ commences in earnest and suddenly the whole town is alive to café society, music and laughter. As one strolls down the ancient streets, past the luxury boutiques and hidden bistros, there is an overriding sense of pleasure in being encapsulated by such beautiful surroundings. Red Savannah CEO, George Morgan-Grenville, explores the  island of Sicily.

Flying Safaris in Africa – Africa from the Air

Africa is a land of rich natural beauty: verdant savannah and arid desert, lush wetlands and dramatic salt lakes, awe-inspiring falls and darkly beautiful coastlines. There are many ways of exploring the continent but flying safaris in Africa provide perhaps the most profound of viewpoints, where the vast scale and majesty of this iconic continent can be truly appreciated. See some of our recommended ‘bucket list’ sights and perhaps suggest some of your own.

Undiscovered Tuscany – Off-the-beaten track Maremma villas

Tuscany, Chianti, Umbria – places which roll off the tongue in a game of word association when it comes to Italy. But Maremma? Probably less so.  Yet how wonderful does it feel to discover a relatively unknown area, away from the traditional Italian hotspots, in which to enjoy an authentic villa holiday?

Desert and Mountain Holidays in Oman

When Ed Granville visited the Sultanate of Oman recently, he was charmed by the warmth and welcoming nature of the Omanis and by the exotic and culturally rich cities, but it was the vast deserts, with their endless rolling dunes, and the spectacular ravine-riven mountains which most impressed him.