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Alternative Christmas Holidays

Whether you have a perfect family gathering in mind or an escape from seasonal obligations, the Christmas holiday period offers a wealth of opportunity from bucket list adventures to a relaxing dose of winter sunshine. How about New Year with the Maharajah of Jodhpur or waking up in a private Omani desert camp or a beautiful log cabin in the Rockies? Our destination specialists have a myriad suggestions for a Christmas and New Year  to remember, not a turkey in sight.

An Arctic Adventure

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected

–          Swedish proverb

Sitting at latitude of 78˚15N the island of Spitsbergen (part of the Svalbard archipelago in Norway) is approximately 2,500 miles from London and 3,500 from New York. It is a magnificent, pristine arctic desert of unimaginable beauty. In fact, it is so far north that from November to February it is shrouded entirely in darkness and from May, only in light. Put simplistically, this is the ultimate base from which to discover raw beauty, an extraordinary and fascinating history, wildlife, adrenaline….and perhaps even yourself. Red Savannah’s CEO, George Morgan-Grenville, explores.