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Gems of the Mekong, South East Asia

From its source on the Tibetan Plateau in China, the Mekong River runs a 4,350km journey through Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam and culminates at the Mekong Delta close to Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam.  The Mekong is a vital source for all the countries that touch it and life on its banks has not changed for thousands of years. Indeed, it’s delta is known as the ‘rice bowl of Vietnam’.

The Best Family Water Sports Holidays

Messing about on the water – in it, under it, on top of it, riding rapids, catching waves, cutting through it or gently bobbing along under peaceful azure blue skies… No matter what your age, there is something about the call of the sea when it comes to summer holidays. Here are just a few of the best places in the world for family water sports holidays, for water babes and those just wishing to dip a toe…

India Holidays – Kerala’s Early Summer Charm

Are the icy mornings and grey skies making you want to scratch that travel itch? Maybe a dose of sunshine and culture is just the tonic you need? If so, consider the Indian state of Kerala.

Winter and early summertime here is a warm affair, with very little rainfall and maximum highs hitting around 33°C. Compared with the bustling northern states, often described as an ‘assault on the senses’, Kerala is a far more laid back affair, with its sleepy backwaters, tropical beaches and emerald green hill stations.

Inspiration for your Easter Holidays

When it comes to holiday planning, it pays to think ahead. Many popular destinations are booking up fast for April and the Easter holidays in particular, so our travel experts have compiled some recommendations to ensure you don’t miss out – whether you are seeking action and adventure, peace and solitude, or a traditional family holiday in the sun. Here are just a few suggestions to inspire your plans this Easter:

Xin Chao Hanoi!

The northern Vietnamese city of Hanoi is home to a plethora of intoxicating smells, colour and sounds.  An hour after leaving the airport, a cacophony of noise erupts with the hooting of car horns and beeping of mopeds as they speed around in their droves like a scene from Quadrophenia.  Chaos reigns but somehow there seem to be unwritten rules of the road ingrained in the locals as they meander freely and skilfully around each other.

Half Term Family Holidays

With children back at school it might be time to start thinking about your next adventure together as a family. The October half term can be a lovely time to travel – the summer heat gives way to gentler climes and shoulder season rates make travel all the more affordable.

Whether you are seeking some active adventure to let off steam or somewhere to relax after a hectic first term, see below for a few suggestions or call our experienced team of travel specialists on 01242 787800 for a tailor-made itinerary to suit your family’s holiday wishes.

A Guide to Teenage Family Holidays

When children are young, holidays are reasonably straightforward – a bucket, spade, lovely beach or pool and most children are happy. Teenagers are an entirely different kettle of fish. After all, it’s just so uncool to be seen with the ‘rents’. But throw in the thought that you may only have a couple more summers before they flee the nest, and suddenly it’s worth making the right choice. Red Savannah understands the teen issue. So here are our top suggestions:

Himalayas – A Walking Holiday in Ladakh

As the aircraft descends into the high altitude military airport at Leh, one’s first glimpse of the Himalayan Kingdom of Ladakh is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Situated in the far north of India on an 11,500ft  high plateau, Ladakh is often referred to as ‘Little Tibet’ due to its geographical and cultural proximity to Tibet. However, unlike its neighbour it has remained immune from the destructive antics of the Chinese and the Kashmir territorial conflict. Today, Ladakh maintains one of the most intact Tantric Buddhist societies left on earth. Red Savannah CEO, George Morgan-Grenville, explores this awe-inspiring kingdom.

Palace Hotels of India

India is a rich and contrasting melting pot where authentic simplicity walks hand in hand with opulent grandeur and this fascinating country’s long and distinguished royal and colonial heritage have indelibly left their mark on India’s soul. Travel back to a time of independently-ruled kingdoms and the British Raj and experience this formidable ancestry with a stay in one of India’s magnificent palace hotels.