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Inspiration for your Easter Holidays

When it comes to holiday planning, it pays to think ahead. Many popular destinations are booking up fast for April and the Easter holidays in particular, so our travel experts have compiled some recommendations to ensure you don’t miss out – whether you are seeking action and adventure, peace and solitude, or a traditional family holiday in the sun. Here are just a few suggestions to inspire your plans this Easter:

If camping to you conjures up images of muddy wellies and sheltering under leaky canvas in a field somewhere in the Brecon Beacons, think again. Luxury camping is on the rise, taking guests to some of the most stunning landscapes, leaving barely a footprint. Creature comforts abound: high thread count linens on four poster beds, fluffy pillows and towels, hot showers, fine dining and even libraries and cocktail bars, all with the backdrop of somewhere incredibly beautiful.

Walking Safaris in Africa

Taking a walk on the wild side has never been a more apt expression for the growing popularity of walking safaris in Africa, with increasing numbers of intrepid adventurers seeking to ditch the comfort of the once-essential 4×4 and experience the expansive majesty of the African bush literally underfoot. From Malawi to Mozambique, we’ve highlighted just a few of our favourite walking safari destinations.

Flying Safaris in Africa – Africa from the Air

Africa is a land of rich natural beauty: verdant savannah and arid desert, lush wetlands and dramatic salt lakes, awe-inspiring falls and darkly beautiful coastlines. There are many ways of exploring the continent but flying safaris in Africa provide perhaps the most profound of viewpoints, where the vast scale and majesty of this iconic continent can be truly appreciated. See some of our recommended ‘bucket list’ sights and perhaps suggest some of your own.

Riding Safaris in Africa

Think of an African safari and the mind immediately conjures up sepia-infused images of travelling along dusty tracks in a purpose-built 4×4, with mile upon mile of Serengeti plains, the Okavango Delta and the Masai Mara stretching far into the distance, spotting herds of migrating wildebeest, rhino and zebra or catching a glimpse of elephants and lions as they roam their natural habitat. Yet, increasing numbers of intrepid holidaymakers are swapping vehicles for a more authentic type of horse power to experience the diverse and ever-breathtaking landscapes of Africa. Our Africa expert, Albee Yeend, explores some of the best places to experience a riding safari.

Alternative Botswana Safaris

A typical day on safari in Africa traditionally begins with an early morning call for a 4X4 drive with your driver and guide to spot game as they prowl in the relative coolness of dawn.  The experience is exhilarating and a first sighting of a line of elephants or a pride of lions is one that will linger long in the memory. A 4X4 need not be your only vantage spot, however, and indeed there are a number of exciting and unusual ‘ring-side seats’ for those seeking more out-of-the-ordinary safari experiences.