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Sapphire Panning, Ranches & Wildlife in Montana

Certain high-adrenalin sports are meant to be addictive, but surely nothing is as addictive as sapphire panning. Certainly high adrenalin plays no part, but once you have found that first sapphire amongst the thousands of pieces of gravel, dust and stone, there’s no going back. You will be hooked forever with an addiction that no amount of psychiatry or counselling will cure!

A Guide to Teenage Family Holidays

When children are young, holidays are reasonably straightforward – a bucket, spade, lovely beach or pool and most children are happy. Teenagers are an entirely different kettle of fish. After all, it’s just so uncool to be seen with the ‘rents’. But throw in the thought that you may only have a couple more summers before they flee the nest, and suddenly it’s worth making the right choice. Red Savannah understands the teen issue. So here are our top suggestions: