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Provence by Book

Perhaps the region that best lives up to our dreams of France – a stunning summer landscape of sunflowers and lavender, romantic hilltop towns, and some of the most unique and delicious food and wine anywhere in the country, Provence is a wonderful place for a villa holiday. We believe that any trip is only made better by a good read; especially when that read is evocative of the sights, sounds and smells of your destination. With that in mind, here is Red Savannah’s French villas expert, Nick Westwood, with the books he believes capture the essence of Provence.

The Lavender of Provence

Many of our Provence villas enjoy the arresting sight and scent of lavender in full bloom. As synonymous with the region as sunshine or Côtes-du-Rhône, the aromatic crop’s fiery rows run in perpetuity onto the horizon. Swathed in the intoxicating scent that swirls in the air, farm workers toil under a relentless sun, nurturing and tending their perfumed harvest, pausing in the shade from their back-breaking work for hunks of cantal and pain rustique, washed down with flagons of rosé to quench their labouring thirst.