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The Mahale Mountains – In Search of Chimpanzees in Tanzania

Tanzania’s Mahale Mountains are situated in the far west of the country, dramatically rolling down to the sandy shores of Lake Tanganyika, the second largest lake in the world, 626kms long, 1,000m deep and containing 17% of the world’s freshwater.

Tendai Moyo is a ranger and guide at Samara Private Game Reserve in South Africa’s Great Karoo, a reserve that boasts an extensive wildlife population whilst adhering to outstanding conservation credentials. This month we interviewed Tendai about his work, his aspirations and his inspiration.

Alternative Christmas Holidays

Whether you have a perfect family gathering in mind or an escape from seasonal obligations, the Christmas holiday period offers a wealth of opportunity from bucket list adventures to a relaxing dose of winter sunshine. How about New Year with the Maharajah of Jodhpur or waking up in a private Omani desert camp or a beautiful log cabin in the Rockies? Our destination specialists have a myriad suggestions for a Christmas and New Year  to remember, not a turkey in sight.

Inspiration for your Easter Holidays

When it comes to holiday planning, it pays to think ahead. Many popular destinations are booking up fast for April and the Easter holidays in particular, so our travel experts have compiled some recommendations to ensure you don’t miss out – whether you are seeking action and adventure, peace and solitude, or a traditional family holiday in the sun. Here are just a few suggestions to inspire your plans this Easter:

Top Ten Holidays with Teenagers

They say you have only 16 summers with your children before they depart on their own adventures. True to an extent but we find them quite keen to stick with the ‘rents’ when they sniff that there’s something exciting in the offing. So get ahead…plan something fun which will appeal to their much hipper nature, but more importantly, something that everyone will regard as huge fun. Our destination specialists are adept at suggesting places to fulfil even the most jaded families, from wilderness adventures in the Canadian West and fly-boarding in the Maldives to cool beach club hang-outs in Ibiza.

Taking a Zambia Safari in ‘Secret Season’

Rains fall in Zambia between November and April, deterring some visitors, though for die-hard safari enthusiasts, the ‘emerald’, ‘green’ or ‘secret’ season as it is varyingly known, is actually one of the most spectacular times to visit. Our Zambia safari expert, Albee Yeend, looks at why the ‘secret season’ attracts those in the know.

Weak rand good news for South African Safari Holidays

The struggling rand is welcome news for travellers contemplating a safari holiday to South Africa this year. The currency has plummeted following the fall in the value of significant exports such as platinum, gold and diamonds and whereas a year ago a pound would have bought 12.45 rand, today you’d receive 18, adding spending power to your holiday purse. In a country known for its fine wine and excellent cuisine, this means visitors can not only travel relatively inexpensively but dine out very comfortably indeed.

Half Term Family Holidays

With children back at school it might be time to start thinking about your next adventure together as a family. The October half term can be a lovely time to travel – the summer heat gives way to gentler climes and shoulder season rates make travel all the more affordable.

Whether you are seeking some active adventure to let off steam or somewhere to relax after a hectic first term, see below for a few suggestions or call our experienced team of travel specialists on 01242 787800 for a tailor-made itinerary to suit your family’s holiday wishes.

Kenya Safari Holidays During the Migration

South-western Kenya is currently witnessing one of nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles as the annual migration of wildebeest and other ungulates continue their circle of life in the Serengeti-Mara eco-system. Late July to early October is the best time to undertake a Kenya safari for those wishing to witness the mass of wildebeest, eland, zebra and Thomson’s gazelles as they arrive at the fresh plains and thirst-quenching waterholes of the Mara after their arduous journey from the Serengeti plains.

Hot for 2013 – Zimbabwe Safari Holidays

Zimbabwe has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the most magical of African nations, its vast and varied landscapes teeming with bountiful game and evocative wonders of nature seemingly at every turn. Little wonder therefore that it previously enjoyed an unrivalled status as southern Africa’s leading safari destination. And yet as we entered the 21st Century, Land Reform and the resulting years of oppressive political unrest and economic collapse brought about a near decimation in the number of visitors travelling to this most beautiful of lands.

Since 2009, however, a much-welcomed political sea-change and the abandonment of the over-inflated Zimbabwean dollar, means that the country is bearing witness to a return to stability and with that comes a slow but very welcome resurgence of visitors although still in small numbers. Zimbabwe is once again establishing itself firmly on the map as one of the most rewarding, must-see countries in Africa.