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France in May has lots to offer

May is a great month to get yourself some spring sunshine in France. Many properties still have availability for May, and low season prices make this a very tempting and affordable escape.

May I go on holiday? Yes!

Outstanding Value Villa Holidays in France

Christmas is behind us, the cold weather has set in and we’re all turning our minds to the summer and dreaming of a bit of sunshine. Here I take a look at some villas in France which offer the chance to have a holiday with a big group of friends or the whole family without breaking the bank. Relax by your private pool after a morning spent sauntering around the local market, all for less than the cost of staying in a hotel. Get yourself a bargain with one of these houses which are remarkably good value.

Three Great French Villas For Wine Lovers

Where better to indulge one’s love of wine than in France? Discover the wine capital of the world from a fresh angle, and immerse yourself the complete experience. Start the day on a Wine Safari, and end it by gazing out across the vineyards towards the sunset, sipping a glass of wine made at that very estate. We’ve put together the three best Villas for the Wine Lover.

Provence by Book

Perhaps the region that best lives up to our dreams of France – a stunning summer landscape of sunflowers and lavender, romantic hilltop towns, and some of the most unique and delicious food and wine anywhere in the country, Provence is a wonderful place for a villa holiday. We believe that any trip is only made better by a good read; especially when that read is evocative of the sights, sounds and smells of your destination. With that in mind, here is Red Savannah’s French villas expert, Nick Westwood, with the books he believes capture the essence of Provence.

Jamaica’s New Style

In V.S. Naipaul’s 1962 account of Jamaica in Middle Passage he describes himself as being swept up by the voices of the inhabitants. Describing the island a taxi driver tells him “when you live here as long as me… you know the sort of animal it is.” Understanding what sort of animal Jamaica is, lies at the heart of this month’s Man Booker winning novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings, in which Jamaican born author Marlon James takes the reader back to 1967, when Reggae is the hottest new sound around, Marley is on the edge of universal fame and the Rolling Stones are on island recording their Black & Blue album, but the music of the island is far from harmonious…

When Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe opened the iconic Marbella Club in Spain just over sixty years ago, he defined luxury as ‘a blend of privacy and gardens’.  Over the last half century the concept of luxury has been hijacked by the big brands and turned into a prized saleable asset.  Many of us are now suspicious of this ubiquitous label, used freely to describe anything from a hotel that provides a flat screen television and a modicum of service to a bottle of champagne or a new watch.  Increasingly, with so many publications dedicated to ‘luxury’ brands, we are wondering what the word really means and questioning its value.   So how refreshing to discover Cugó Gran, a small, discreet, brand new villa in Menorca, offering privacy in a spectacular garden setting and perfectly encapsulating Prince Alfonso’s enduring definition.

An Ambassador of La Dolce Vita in Tuscany

Years of curating villas in Tuscany and countless trips to the region has led to many encounters with knowledgeable, warm locals eager to promote la dolce vita of their little corner of Italy. The singing butcher of Panzano immediately springs to mind, but so does my introduction last year to Anna Lisa Tempestini. I recall Filippo, our Regional Manager in Italy, extolling the many talents of this lady – a wine-maker-come-yoga teacher-come-cookery teacher. And so our collaboration began…

Exploring Vence, France

France welcomes more visitors each year than anywhere else in the world. Mediterranean beaches and alpine ski resorts ensure year-round popularity, whilst beautiful scenery and exquisite cuisine repeatedly draw people back. Red Savannah’s French villas expert, Nick Westwood, explores the popularity of the South of France and, in particular, the area of Vence in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Top Ten Holidays with Teenagers

They say you have only 16 summers with your children before they depart on their own adventures. True to an extent but we find them quite keen to stick with the ‘rents’ when they sniff that there’s something exciting in the offing. So get ahead…plan something fun which will appeal to their much hipper nature, but more importantly, something that everyone will regard as huge fun. Our destination specialists are adept at suggesting places to fulfil even the most jaded families, from wilderness adventures in the Canadian West and fly-boarding in the Maldives to cool beach club hang-outs in Ibiza.

Top Ten Villas by the Sea

For adults and children alike, a sea view or proximity to a beach is one of the most important factors when selecting a holiday villa. Whilst for some, little is required other than a bucket and spade, for others, access to the beach clubs of the Côte d’Azur or night-life in Ibiza are of more importance.  But for everyone, nothing beats cocktails on the terrace as the sun melts into the Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea.  Our Villas team presents their top villas by the sea in Europe and the Caribbean.