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The Best African Safari Camps for Exclusive Use

Watching an elephant family cross a river a few yards from the seclusion of your private terrace is unforgettable, but imagine doing so exclusively in the company of family and friends? Hiring a camp or lodge exclusively to mark a special occasion is an epiphanous experience, with dining and activities all designed around your party’s interests. Below is a pick of the best lodges and camps for exclusive rental by Red Savannah’s African safaris expert, Chris Evans.

Taking a Zambia Safari in ‘Secret Season’

Rains fall in Zambia between November and April, deterring some visitors, though for die-hard safari enthusiasts, the ‘emerald’, ‘green’ or ‘secret’ season as it is varyingly known, is actually one of the most spectacular times to visit. Our Zambia safari expert, Albee Yeend, looks at why the ‘secret season’ attracts those in the know.

Walking Safaris in Africa

Taking a walk on the wild side has never been a more apt expression for the growing popularity of walking safaris in Africa, with increasing numbers of intrepid adventurers seeking to ditch the comfort of the once-essential 4×4 and experience the expansive majesty of the African bush literally underfoot. From Malawi to Mozambique, we’ve highlighted just a few of our favourite walking safari destinations.

Dr David Livingstone 〜 The Bicentenary

2013 – 19 March 2013 to be precise – marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Dr David Livingstone, the medical missionary-explorer whose fascination with the African continent and devotion to the anti-slavery message earned him the title of “Africa’s first freedom fighter”. Travelling over 46,000km – predominantly on foot – during Livingstone’s 30-year period in Central and Southern Africa, it would be no understatement to suggest that this bewitching and fascinating continent left an indelible mark on this remarkable man’s soul.

Flying Safaris in Africa – Africa from the Air

Africa is a land of rich natural beauty: verdant savannah and arid desert, lush wetlands and dramatic salt lakes, awe-inspiring falls and darkly beautiful coastlines. There are many ways of exploring the continent but flying safaris in Africa provide perhaps the most profound of viewpoints, where the vast scale and majesty of this iconic continent can be truly appreciated. See some of our recommended ‘bucket list’ sights and perhaps suggest some of your own.